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If you want to practice as a Lawyer [Barrister/Solicitor] in Australia, firstly you have to decide in which part of Australia you are interested in to practice. For example, you might want to practice in New south Wales, or Victoria or Northern territory, or in Queensland etc. due to the operation of mutual recognition provisions and the newly developed National Practicing Certificate Scheme, overseas applicants who are admitted to practice in one Australian jurisdiction can usually easily gain practice rights in all other Australian jurisdictions. This applies equally to lawyers trained both inside and outside Australia. Applicants seeking admission to practice in Australia on the basis of their overseas qualifications require assessment of their qualifications and directions as to what further steps are required to meet the local requirements for admission.

So.. its easy now. For example I am doing my course under Legal Profession Admission Board (New South Wales), that means, when I will complete my course, I will be able to practice in any Australian state I desired. If you want to get admitted directly to other territory of Austrlia, you can do so. All Admission process is more or less same. Now I will explain the admission process of New South wales and the prime authority of this region is Legal Profession Admission Board (LPAB).

Click on this link to download the address of the admission board of all states. So you can contact to them.

If you are not Australian LLB graduate then you have to complete two part to become a lawyer in Australia-

1) Academic Subject part and ( This part is only for Non Australian LLB graduate)

2) Practical Legal Training (PLT) part. ( This part is common for both Australian LLB graduatde and Non Australian LLB graduate to become a lawyer in Australia)

If you are LLB graduate from any country except Australia , then Australian Legal profession Admission Board (LPAB) will consider your degree very carefully. They will look up your previous qualification and give you some exemption from some subjects. but after the exemption they will give you at least 7-10 under graduate core subject to be completed before you start your PLT course. Even you are a barrister from UK or anyother country, you have to go through the same process. Moreover if your first language is not English, you have to have at least 7.5 score in IELTS exam.

how it works?

I wrote earlier that, if you are not Australian LLB graduate then you have to complete an extra part which is 1) Academic subject part

Firstly, I will tell you about Academic Subjects Part, then I will go through PLT course part which is common for both non Australian LLB Graduate and Australian LLB Graduate to become a lawyer in Australia.

Academic Subject part:

1) firstly you have to send all your academic qualification, transcript, along with a form called Form-16 with $AUD200 attached with it, to be assessed by the Legal Profession Admissiion Board (LPAB).

2) then LPAB will assess your qualification and if accepted then they will send you a list of subjects (core subjects) which must have to be completed. In australia, most of the students complete more that 40-45 subjects in their undergraduate LLB degree. That is why when anyone apply from outside of Australia then the authority want to make sure that the international student must complete their core subjects like Australian constitutional law, Conveyancing law, Succession law, Tax law, evidence, civil procedure,Professional Conduct/Ethics etc. but remember you still can get exemption from those subjects if they think you previously done it and it is very similar to their syllabus. But to be honest, you will not get exemption from Australian Constitutional law and Professional conduct as they are very strict about those 2 subjects for some reason.

3) After getting their(LPAB) acceptance, now its time to start your course. there are 10 universities which is approved by LPAB where you can study for the purpose of your academic subjects course. But if you want to commence this course from your homeland, you can do that. Because there are 2 universities namely , Southern Cross University and University of New England. these two universities provide external online education so it is possible to study from your home. If any one want to go to Australia directly to start this course, then you will have more options. Here is a list where you can study for the Academic subjects course-

University of Sydney LLB or JD
University of New South Wales LLB or JD
Macquarie University LLB* or Bleg S*
University of Technology, Sydney LLB* or MLLP or JD
University of Wollongong LLB
University of New England (offer online study) LLB* or JD*
Southern Cross University (offer online study) LLB*
University of Newcastle LLB
University of Western Sydney LLB or MLP
University of Notre Dame

4) For each subject you have to pay about $AUD 1975 (according to Southern Cross and University of New England fees Information 2011). so if they give you 7 subject to be completed then it will be 7*$1975

5) After completion of your given academic subject you have to let LPAB know about your results. Remember, you will be given 2 years to complete all your academic Subjects. If for any reason, you are not able to complete your given subjects within 2 years, then you can let the LPAB know, then they will tell you what you have to do further. Don’t get scared, you will be alright and the authority will help you out. After completion of your Academic Subjects, you have to start Your PLT (Practical legal Training) to reach your goal.

About the session of the subjects whis is offered by Southern Cross University and University of New England:

Download PDF to know Southern cross University session

Download PDF to know University of New England Session

Practical Legal Training (PLT) Part:

PLT is more or less like BPTC which is well known in UK to become a barrister at law. it has both Part time and Full time opportunity. course fees will be AUD$10850 . You can start Your PLT under college of Law or other Universities which is approved by LPAB. College of law is good in my view. But for this, either you have to come to England or Australia to start this course. Because College of Law (london) and College of law ( all branch in australia) offer this course and there are some mandatory classes where if have to attend. Here is the list for Approved PLT course provider by LPAB

Legal Profession Admission Board Legal Ethics
University of Sydney Law, Lawyers and Justice
University of New South Wales Law, Lawyers and Society
Macquarie University Legal Ethics or Law, Lawyers and Society
University of Technology, Sydney Legal Ethics A and Legal Ethics B OR
Legal Accounting and Professional Responsibility OR
Professional Conduct 2 OR Ethics and Professional Conduct
University of Wollongong The Legal Profession and Australian Society OR
Bridging Course – Lawyers and Legal Ethics
University of New England Legal Ethics and Professional Conduct OR Professional Conduct
Southern Cross University Professional Conduct
University of Newcastle Professional Conduct
University of Western Sydney The Legal Context OR Professional Conduct and Legal Ethics
*College of Law ( You get admitted in London Branch or any Australian Branch) Academic/Practical course in Legal Ethics

what you have to complete in PLT?

1) Civil Litigation

2)professional Conduct & Office Accounting

3) Property (commercial & private)

4) Taxation etc..

You can get some exemption in PLT Except professional Conduct/Ethics, Office accounting, and Trust if you are a practicing lawyer in any territory and if the assessment board is satified with your qualification and documents. To get an exemption in PLT you have to apply through Form-17 with $AUD200

If you have any other questions regarding this course, please do not hesitate to contact.

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