Letter to Nizami’s apologist Omar Suleiman


Dear Omar Suleiman,

To begin with, I do not know you and have never come across your name before. I stumbled upon your profile page on Facebook whilst sifting through the comments feed of a friend of mine. My initial impressions were that you are an individual who patrons Islam, writes about it and preaches it to other people at every available opportunity. You’ve also mentioned that you’re a teacher as well on your Facebook page.

As such dear Omar, I find it befuddling that a person who so rigorously champions Islam and indulges in the noble profession of teaching, advocates in favour of despicable murderers like Nizami on his Facebook page. I’m not sure what your nationality is exactly or how much do you actually know about Bangladesh or its politics.

It was the dead of night on 25th of March 1971 when the Pakistani Army carried out its barbaric assault on sleeping, unsuspecting Bangladeshi. That night saw nearly a 100,000 defenceless people across various locations in the country murdered in cold blood. Consequently the 25th of March marked the beginning of a war in which Bangladesh fought for its freedom and independence. The war lasted till the 16th December 1971. On that day the pakistani army conceded defeat and surrendered to Bangladesh. The war which spanned over 9 months saw a further 30,00,000 people killed by pakistani army and their collaborators without any faults of their own. There were nearly 4,00,000 accounts of women who were raped and children who were abused. Nearly 1,00,00000 (10m) people were forced to flee the country.

Matiur Rahman Nizami was one of the chief perpetrators who aided and abated the Pakistani army in their atrocities. The same Nizami whom who have heralded subject on your Facebook post. Claiming that Pakistan was the “House of Allah” and declaring those who seek freedom as “Hindus and agents of India”, Nizami proceeded to create a group called Al-Badr. It might shock you to know that Nizami derived the name for this group from one our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) formed during the Battle of Badr. The one formulated by the Prophet had 313 members in it and as such to further accentuate Al-Badr, Nizami also drafted in exactly 313 people in the group.

Around 90% of Bangladesh’s population were Muslims during the year 1971. The other 10% constituted of people with various faiths and beliefs at that time. Not only did he intend to eradicate this small minority, Nizami also sought to harm Muslims using the pack of hyenas so cleverely as Al-Badr, not to mention dragging the good name of our beloved prophet through the mud along the way. He did not seek any religious gain out of it rather his motivations had a purely political as he and Al-Badar sought to reign supreme over the country.

The fact that an entire generation was rendered nearly extinct is not some fairy-tale carved out of a children’s book. It really did happen and all in the name of religion. Nizami during those days maintained a regular column in the “Daily Shangram”, a newspaper he sponsored himself. And it was there that he’d provoke and encourage others to join or support him in his cause. In fact, Nazib, Nizami’s own son, has admitted to a court of law that his father was the general secretary of a group called the “Chatro Shongho” during the liberation war.(ICTBD Verdict, Page: 49) Later it was the “Chatro Shongho” who re-invented themselves as Al-Badr.

Despite being an Islamic scholar, you have chosen to pick the side of a murderer. In fact being an Islamic teacher, you have aligned yourself with a war criminal, not to mention striving to defend a man convicted of crimes against humanity, Genocide and Crimes against peace.

I have many friends who told me that they used to listen to you and referred to you on a daily basis but today, they are hurt and confused by your actions and as such have severed all ties with you. I ask you, is there even a shred of evidence in Islam which justifies the act of defending a murderer?

The savageries committed in 1971 are collectively recognized as one of the most horrifying accounts of mass genocide in history. How was it that you didn’t even hesitate to try and exonerate those responsible for these monstrosities? What kind of an Islamic scholar are you really? Never mind that, how can you claim yourself to a moral and ethical individual? Aren’t you anything but one? Aren’t you an apologist for murderers? Shame on you Mr. Sulaiman!

A lot of people might have fed you the line  “if Nizami is as corrupt as people claim him to be, how was it that he became a member of parliament and minister to a sovereign nation?”

To understand the answer to that question you must first affiliate yourself with the political changes in Bangladesh, post 1971 of course. Admittedly the entire situation is an embarrassing one indeed, but combined with ill-intended politics and gross abuse of the voting system we were defeated and as such murderers like Nizami were able to climb into a position of power and influence.

But now Nizami has been exposed of his crimes and identified as a murderer. The accusations made against him were concrete and his trial was conducted in a lawful and amicable manner. He was afforded every opportunity and service available to him during the trial proceedings. Witnesses relived in front of the court as to how Nizami tortured and killed their fathers, killed their brothers, sisters, mothers, even children sometimes. Before I go any further I’d like to ask you, did you even read the verdict given by the Supreme court of Bangladesh or even read the decision of Review Petition in regards to Nizami’s case? Did you read any of these before concocting the post on Nizami on your Facebook page, or was it that someone explicitly instructed you to weave it that way?

As an Islamic scholar did you conduct a thorough research and gather the necessary information before setting about to write your report? Or is it that you are biased and you’ve knowingly aligned yourself with a convicted murderer? If the answer is yes and you are fully aware and concious of what you have done, let us now discuss the bells and whistles of Nizami’s case and in particular, the legal side of things. In fact I’d like to go a step further and challenge you to a debate where I am willing to give you an opportunity to describe your vantage point and explain why you ‘might be’ correct.

You’ve referred to organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, putting forth that they did not agree with the way the Nizami trials panned out. Before I begin answering that I’d like to ask you, have you been living under a rock up till now? If not, well don’t you not understand that organizations like Amnesty and HRW do not indulge in anything unless it benefits them in some way? I can already imagine that you are denying this. On that note I ask you, where were organizations like Amnesty and HRW when Saddam’s Iraq was attacked by America killing millions of Muslims? Where were these organizations when Gaddafi was publicly murdered? Why wasn’t there anything published on those accounts? Isn’t it obvious that lobbyists from Jamat-E-Islami compensated them handsomely in order to employ their services? Isn’t it much like what you are doing right now? Did such lobbyists reach out to you as well? Your actions I’m afraid suggest as much. As such I finally ask you, is there any validity to the information provided by the organizations you’ve mentioned in your report?

Bangladesh is an independent and sovereign state. One of the primary reasons that the people of Bangladesh voted for the current regime in 2008, was to get them to try those who had gotten away with heinous crimes they committed during the liberation war. The current regime of course had promised to do so in their election manifesto prior to their ascension to power.

The Apex Court of Bangladesh found Motiur Rahman Nizami guilty of committing International crimes (i.e War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, Genocide etc) specifically for crimes against humanity, Genocide and Crimes against Peace during 1971 Liberation War in Bangladesh. Nizami’s verdict from the International Crimes Tribunal-Bangladesh and subsequent upholding by the Country’s Supreme Court ( appellate division) is another giant step forward for the justice system of Bangladesh and its implications. Bangladesh is a free and sovereign nation, and holds every right to issue death penalties as its highest form of punishment.

Again I reiterate, it is the framework that exists within the current judiciary system of Bangladesh that dictates all on-going trials held in a court of law. The people of Bangladesh have given their mandate to their representatives. The people’s expectations are reflected on the law and constitution of Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh have and will decide how the law of the country will take shape.You should not interfere with matters as sensitive like the law and justice system of Bangladesh. You have absolutely ‘annulled’ and rejected a fact certified by the highest court of law in a country. What kind of an Islamic scholar are you and furthermore, what sort of an Islamic teacher does that make you seeing as clearly you have no respect for the laws of a sovereign nation?


For your benefit I would like to refer you to a few paragraphs from the verdict of the Appellate Division. Pragraph-

316. Accused Motiur Rahman Nizami has stated in the said article that the number and power of Hindu Bahini were five times higher than that of Pakistani Bahini. But unfortunately, some betrayers of Pakistan having taken the side of India were involved in the conspiracy to make Pakistan weak and as such, the ideology and existence of Pakistan would have been protected after having foiled their conspiracy. The accused has further stated in the article that a promise would have been made to protect the existence of Pakistan after having defeated the Hindu Bahini and prostrated India and, the religious strength, which brought the victory to the Muslims in the Badr war, would be gathered. In collaboration with Pakistan Army, Islam loving young students of the country had formed Al-Badr Bahini keeping the memory of Badr War in their minds. The accused has also stated in his said article that the day is not so far away when the young members of Al-Badr Bahini along with Pakistani army would hoist the victory flag of Islam in the whole world after having defeated the Hindu Bahini and destroyed the existence of Hindustan [India]. It appears that during the Liberation War, 1971 accused Motiur Rahman Nizami wrote said article on the eve of Badr Day directing the members of Al-Badr Bahini to exterminate so-called betrayers of Pakistan i.e. freedom-fighters and unarmed civilians who wanted liberation of Bangladesh. If the accused would not have been in a superior or commanding position over the members of Al-Badr Bahini during the Liberation War, 1971, he would not have directed them to exterminate the so-called betrayers of Pakistan. So, the article written by the accused himself also supports that the accused was the commander of Al-Badr Bahini during the Liberation War, 1971

368. Thus, we are constrained to hold that Motiur Rahman Nizami being educated in Islamic education had consciously and also deliberately misused the name of the Almighty Allah and the holy religion ‘Islam’ in 1971 during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in order to ruin and root out the ‘Bangalee Nation.’

For your further information I would like to provide links to both the preliminary verdicts of the ICTBD, the Supreme Court’s (Appellate Division) decision and of course the review petition are all linked below:

(1) International Crimes Tribunal Bangladesh Verdict
(2) Supreme Court (Appellate Division) Verdict
(3) Nizami’s Review Petition Verdict

In the event that you ignore these glaring facts and choose not to respond, I shall deem that you are nothing buta fraud and are lying through your teeth about all this. You are nothing but a Muslim in disguise with your beard and your fancy prayer cap. You spend your days selling Allah and his prophet’s name, for cheap profit. All in all you are no better than all those deceitful politicians who either hide or avoid the truth. You have disdained the teachings of the Quran and Hadith, you have betrayed the trust of Islam.

Now I do not know if you are married or have kids, friends, parents or relatives. If you do I would like you to take a look at them now. Once you’ve done that I’d like to ask you, how would you feel if you had to lose one of them during war or conflict? Would you not feel anger towards those who took them away from you? Nizami is the reason scores of people in Bangladesh today are orphans, widowers or sufferers many accounts of which Mr Omar, are undiscovered till today.

For 45 years Nizami used Islam to galvanize himself and kept deceiving the people of Bangladesh much like what you are doing right know Mr Omar, as Nizami’s apologist. You are a con man, an elaborate and sophisticated cheat in the name of a teacher. You are a murderer’s accomplice.

The thousands of souls that perished and became martyrs during the war shall curse you. To the living you are dead from now on, even though you exist in your earthly form. Your soul is rotten and polluted. You have betrayed the human kind as we know it.

Kind Regards
Nijhoom Majumder

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